Wedding Photographer Maastricht: Getting Married at Thiessen Maastricht


Wedding photographer Maastricht: Discover the charm of a city vineyard wedding - tips and inspiration

Previously, I shared a hot insider tip: getting married at a vineyard ( I understand that this might not be practical for everyone: high heels are a no-go - amusing for me as a photographer - and you can't celebrate with a large group. Therefore, in this blog, I'll tell you more about a beautiful compromise: the city vineyard Thiessen in Maastricht.

The versatility of a city vineyard A city vineyard? Can that really work, you may wonder. Not only has the wine shop been around for over 300 years, but it's also an official wedding venue. The couple in this reportage exchange vows in the elegant orangery of the centuries-old city building. Natural light creates exciting photos, while the glass protects you from the weather. Then, the path leads to the walled city garden with its own vineyard for a cocktail, and we color outside the lines as we leave the building for a stroll through the historic city center of Maastricht. Anything is possible, and that spontaneity is delightful.

The vineyard theme at your wedding Here, too, less is more. This historical location is more than just a backdrop; it's almost a statement that requires minimal styling. If the walls could talk, they would tell fantastic stories all day long. Beauty lies in the wooden wine barrels, the green vine leaves, and the low rooms with vaulted ceilings. The atmosphere of their timeless elegance reflects the power of your love. You can add personality with a dress code or be inspired by this couple, who chose to have their ceremony led by a good friend. It can't get more personal than that.

Who is a vineyard wedding in a city building for? Ideal for couples who find it challenging to decide or for those who want to get married in winter. You can tailor your big day to your liking, making it never dull for me as a photographer. There is a lot of variety in backgrounds, and there's always something to do: a touch of nature, locally produced wine, a wine tasting, and, of course, a tour of the historical building and wine cellars.

This blog post is part of the series 'Shirley lifts a corner of the veil.' I've written these blogs for you as enjoyable reading full of tips and ideas for your big day, especially about where and how you can get married. Choose something different and opt for that charming wedding in your own garden, in a windmill, in a meadow, or, as this couple did, at a vineyard.


"Met het fotoboek van Sjurlie in de hand hebben we een mooie herinnering aan onze trouwdag in handen. De vele bijzondere momenten wist ze op een perfecte manier in beeld te brengen zonder te verzanden in "standaard" opnames. We zien beelden terug die we zelf hebben gemist. Wij kunnen haar van harte aanbevelen. Sjurlie, dank je wel."

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Wedding Photographer Maastricht: Getting Married at Thiessen Maastricht