Wedding Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous wedding reportage at Saillant Castle Doenrade


Wedding Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous wedding photos at Saillant castle Doenrade

What a beautiful and exceptionally warm day it was! Upon arrival at Doenrade castle, everyone was busy decorating, and the terrace looked stunning. In the elevator, I stood next to a very spontaneous woman whom I had seen outside decorating. What turned out? She was the bride! We had spoken a long time ago, and I couldn't remember her face anymore. I also didn't expect the bride to be decorating on her wedding day, but she was, so lovely.

I entered the wedding suite, where the hairdresser was already busy. The bride's mother, mother-in-law, and the groom's sister were also getting their hair and makeup done by two makeup artists and hairdressers. Marlou from Visagie Marlou came specifically for the bride, beautifully applying natural makeup and styling her hair in a lovely classic knot. When everyone was ready, it was time to put on the exceptionally beautiful wedding dress, with the help of her mother.

After discussion, we decided to do the first look on the avenue. I positioned the groom here, and the bride would walk towards him and surprise him by tapping him on the back. After this delightful moment, along with the little nephew, the newlyweds briefly joined the guests. While a chamber orchestra played outside, other wedding guests slowly walked in. Always photogenic moments are when the boutonnieres are put on.

Soon it was time for a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony on the platform of Doenrade castle, under the trees. Also, during the wedding ceremony, there was beautiful live music, and many beautiful photo moments occurred with wonderful emotions, and the couple exchanged special glances.

Of course, after the ceremony, there were the wedding cake and toasts, and congratulations. Throughout, I continuously captured beautiful wedding photos of everything that spontaneously happened. This led to a relaxed drinks reception, and then the newlyweds and I proceeded with the wedding photoshoot.

Towards the evening, another delightful live music duo performed, there was a delicious walking dinner, and the evening slowly transitioned into a dance party, outdoors. On the terrace, the opening dance took place, musically provided by a DJ.

Around half past 10, I said goodbye, concluding my work as a wedding photographer for the day.



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Wedding Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous wedding reportage at Saillant Castle Doenrade