Wedding Photography Limburg: spontaneous wedding photos at Auberge de Rousch


Wedding Photography Limburg: Spontaneous wedding photos at Auberge de Rousch

What an amazing wedding to capture! With a ceremony led by Hans Kazan and a surprising opening dance for the bride. This is why I love my job so much.

I enjoy capturing beautiful emotions and taking photos that have an impact on people. Moments they can look back on and relive.

The day started peacefully at home, where the makeup artist beautified the bride. Subsequently, she dressed up with her best friend and her mother. Then I went to the groom's home to take photos of him getting dressed (in this case, just putting on the tie) and dressing their son (who didn't want to wear his bow tie).

Then, together with the videographer, I rushed to Auberge de Rousch to capture the wedding ceremony, which was surprisingly led by none other than Hans Kazan. In a crowded hall, there was a lot of laughter over the disappearing card trick with an orange.

After the vows and the exchange of rings, it was time for congratulations, toasting, and cake. During a break in the rain, we took some romantic wedding photos in an autumn atmosphere, first with the wedding car and then walking with their son. During the wedding dinner, I edited some of the wedding photos taken during the day for a presentation on a projector.

Then it was time for the evening with an exciting opening dance and a dance by the men, followed by live music from the band Noizz.

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Wedding Photography Limburg: spontaneous wedding photos at Auberge de Rousch