Romantic Wedding: Christmas Marriage in the Caves of Chateau Neercanne


Chateau Neercanne Wedding photographer: romantic wedding ceremony in the cave of Chateau Neercanne A Christmas wedding on December 24th in Maastricht

A super cute couple, with their dog, and surrounded by their best friends and family. For me, a perfect assignment to kick off the Christmas celebrations. Last minute, I even arranged a cameraman for them, so we worked together in a cozy atmosphere.

The romance was truly palpable! The charming details, like the old dog bringing the rings alongside the groom's sister, and the bride's mother delivering a beautiful speech, added to the enchantment. Vows were read by the officiant, and then whispered by the groom into the bride's ear, followed by saying "I do" and toasting in a beautiful cave illuminated with numerous tealights.

Time flew by, and soon it was time for the cake-cutting moment. A delightful heart-shaped wedding cake was sliced (I tasted it myself, hence why I said delightful), and then we took group photos with all the wedding guests. Following that, I conducted a brief wedding photoshoot in the courtyard, beautifully decorated in Christmas style.

Just now, the couple sent me the results, and I heard that they were bouncing with joy – so delightful to hear. They expressed their desire to celebrate their love every year and are even planning a grand wedding celebration in the future, which I will also have the honor to photograph.

Around half past 4, my role as a wedding photographer came to an end, and I bid farewell, driving home with great happiness to start the appetizer for my own Christmas dinner. How fortunate I am to be a wedding photographer.

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Romantic Wedding: Christmas Marriage in the Caves of Chateau Neercanne