Two photographers at your wedding in Limburg

The benefits of two photographers on your wedding day

Second Photographer

More and more couples are opting for a second photographer. That's certainly not an unnecessary luxury. A second photographer provides you with more photos, more diversity, and more freedom of movement.

Two Perspectives

At a wedding, I sometimes need eyes in the back of my head, four arms, and two cameras. Because what do I do if the witness says something funny, everyone laughs, and tears stream down the bride's cheeks? Quickly turn around and try to take a photo of the bride and the guests? No, then it's reassuring to know that my second shooter is capturing what the guests are doing. This way, I can focus entirely on the bride and groom. For example, the second shooter might be positioned at the top of the stairs, taking photos of the long train sliding down the steps while I photograph the bride descending at the bottom of the stairs. Or they might be high up on the balcony, capturing overview shots of the ceremony. We photograph the same moment from different perspectives and tell the same story in different ways.

Two Locations

While I accompany you, my second photographer takes the time to capture images of the wedding venue with all its special details and playful elements. Or I stay with the bride during the getting ready, and they go with the groom. During dressing and also during the arrival of the guests. You'll receive these photos, of course, even if you only book me. As I switch between locations, I photograph everything sequentially. With a second photographer, I stay with one of you. This way, you get more continuity and peace on this day. We photograph different locations at the same time and tell a different story.

Two Perspectives

Four eyes see more than two. Everyone knows that. But they also see things differently. The wedding reportage sketches the story of your wedding. You play the lead roles in it. Then there are all those other storylines intertwined with your day. From the background, the second photographer captures those. For example, she sees how the couple in the eighth row briefly clasps each other's hands during the ceremony and mentally returns to their own wedding. Her photos add an extra dimension to the reportage. We photograph the same moment from different perspectives and tell a different story.

A wedding is an experience you share with people dear to you. A special day full of grand gestures that lives from the small moments. With their love, strength, and emotions, it's the people who make your day special. Amidst your family and friends in an environment and composition that will never be the same again, I capture it with my camera. My second shooter supports and mirrors me in this. She knows what's important to me, what I focus on, and will photograph in the same style.

A Unified Creative Style I remain responsible for the creative process, from your first meeting with me to the post-processing of the photos and the design of the wedding album.

Booking a Second Photographer

You want to book a second shooter for your special day? For a whole day or just a part of the day? Then I recommend you to indicate this well in advance. Planning for two people can be challenging if the wedding season has already started.

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