Wedding Photographer Bilzen: Wedding photos of a marriage ceremony at the town hall


Wedding Photographer Bilzen: Civil marriage at the Town Hall of Bilzen

Sometimes, as a wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to travel to Belgium. This lovely couple booked me over the phone for their complete wedding reportage, and then the Coronavirus arrived in Belgium and the Netherlands. The entire wedding was postponed to 2021.

However, they decided to proceed with their civil marriage and a small photo shoot this past Saturday. So, I found myself at the Town Hall of Bilzen, where the marriage was officiated by the mayor. It was my first wedding reportage since the outbreak of the virus, and also the first time I witnessed a wedding ceremony adhering to the 1.5-meter distance rule. Chairs for the guests and family were placed at a considerable distance from each other.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds descended the steps of the town hall, and we took a group photo. Following that, I drove to their residence. Across the house was a beautiful meadow with a stunning view of the countryside and cows. The light was perfect here, and I captured a small romantic photo shoot of the freshly married couple. I had them sit together, hug, talk, and take a stroll. I also took individual photos of each of them, as well as pictures of the bouquet and wedding rings.

Fortunately, the weather remained dry throughout, although it was quite windy, resulting in some amusing photos with fluttering hair.

After the photo shoot, the couple returned to their backyard to enjoy some quality time with their family and children.

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Wedding Photographer Bilzen: Wedding photos of a marriage ceremony at the town hall