Wedding photographer Maastricht: at Designhotel Flo and the church


Wedding photographer Maastricht: Getting married in Limburg while living in Amsterdam, how amazing is that?

I had the pleasure of capturing this wedding reportage on a sunny Friday in May. The bride is from South Limburg, and the groom is from the North. This delightful couple resides together in Amsterdam but came to Limburg to tie the knot.

I started by taking wedding photos at the bride's parents' home in Berg en Terblijt. The bride didn't want too many wedding photos of the preparation, so I didn't capture moments like bridal makeup. We quickly moved on to the bride getting dressed in the living room—an amusing and delightful moment.

Then, her soon-to-be husband arrived, and we arranged for them to have their first look in the backyard. After this romantic moment, all the other guests joined the garden, and I swiftly headed to the Catholic church in Berg en Terblijt, where the wedding ceremony took place. It was a beautiful service with live music from a church choir.

After the ceremony, all the guests gathered for some group photos in front of the church. Soon, it was time for the official wedding photoshoot, in the fields, with a beautiful low sun. This couple had so much fun together that I hardly needed to give any directions. Love was in the air.

Next, we drove a bit further for a short photoshoot at a chapel. To my surprise, I found three young kittens in a box along a field path! We quickly stood together, cuddling the adorable kittens, and I called the animal protection. A guest waited by the box until the kittens were picked up.

Meanwhile, I traveled with the bridal couple to Maastricht, where the wedding dinner took place at Designhotel Flo. I was treated to delicious food there as well. In between, I continued with my wedding reportage, capturing the speeches of both fathers. After dessert, I walked with the bridal couple through the city to Café Centre Ville, where the wedding party unfolded.

It was truly fantastic to follow this couple through the city. Everyone clapped and congratulated them—so beautiful! Upon reaching the café, all the wedding guests were ready, and after an enjoyable opening dance and a speech from a friend, it was time for me to conclude my wedding photography.


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Wedding photographer Maastricht: at Designhotel Flo and the church