Wedding Photographer Maastricht: Spontaneous Wedding Photos at Castle de Hoogenweerth


Photographer Hoogenweerth: Spontaneous Wedding Photography in Maastricht

It's been a while since I had the opportunity to photograph this wedding, but as I looked at the wedding photos, the story of the day slowly came back to me.

This time, the weather wasn't exceptionally sunny, so a beautiful indoor setup was arranged in the castle. The wedding ceremony took place in the banquet hall this time. Judging by the number of chairs, there were many guests present on this wedding day.

I started my wedding reportage by capturing the bride's preparations. The bride decided to do her own makeup, and no one else was present. From the bride, I moved on to the groom, who, along with the bride's sons, was changing in one of the hotel rooms next to the castle. The boys quickly ran upstairs with their suits; they found being photographed during the dressing-up a bit embarrassing, but eventually, I managed to convince them that buttoning up their shirts or tying their bow ties were quite nice, non-embarrassing moments worth capturing. The groom was also ready in no time.

Soon it was time for the bustling wedding ceremony; I could already hear the chamber orchestra rehearsing. Beautiful violin sounds filled the air as the bride, accompanied by her father, descended the stairs and walked forward, where she was given away to her husband. During an enjoyable ceremony conducted by the master of ceremonies Taco and the sound of bells during the kiss, I captured the necessary photos of the bride and groom and the smiling audience.

After this beautiful ceremony, there was a table full of delicious wedding cake. A knife was inserted into one of the cakes, and then toasts and hearty congratulations followed. A cozy and relaxed afternoon ensued. In between, I took a few group photos of the gathering and then a romantic photoshoot of the couple amidst the vines of the restaurant Sofa, along with some shots on the bike of one of their employees.

The hours flew by, and before I knew it, I could already hear the sounds of the DJ, signaling it was time to capture the first dance, followed by the lively dancing of all the guests, thanks to DJ Marvin



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Wedding Photographer Maastricht: Spontaneous Wedding Photos at Castle de Hoogenweerth