Spontaneous Wedding Photography: Wedding photos with horse and dog at Landgoed Overste Hof


Wedding Photography Limburg: Spontaneous wedding photos with a horse and dog at Landgoed Overste Hof

It's so heartwarming when you marry your teenage sweetheart, and this couple met at the ages of 13 and 16. Now, after 15 years together, they decided to tie the knot.

I was fortunate to be their wedding photographer. The day started with rain, but everything cleared up after the wedding ceremony, accompanied by live singing and led by Lucy. A dog brought in the wedding rings.

Following the ceremony, which took place indoors due to the rain, the weather cleared, and we took fun and spontaneous group photos on the terrace of Overste Hof. Two crying boys on the table added hilarity and a funny photo moment.

I forgot to start with the morning. Everything ran about half an hour late when we finally arrived at the stable for photos with the bride's horse. It was raining, and the beautifully groomed horse stood in its decorated stable.

With much help from stable mates, we managed to create a beautiful wedding reportage with the horse, and when it stopped raining, the bride even walked with her horse along the path, hand in hand. It's delightful when you're that carefree, not worrying about your hairstyle or dress. Everything turned out well. As a surprise, she received a framed horseshoe from her horse from her stable mates.

After the ceremony, there was a wedding cake and a toast, as well as a small children's reception in the banquet hall for the children the bride teaches. To conclude, each child received an ice cream and a token of appreciation.

Around half-past 6, there was a dinner in the conservatory, and after serving the first course, I went home, returning around nine o'clock to capture the first dance and some surprise acts for the newlyweds."


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Spontaneous Wedding Photography: Wedding photos with horse and dog at Landgoed Overste Hof
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