Wedding Photographer Valkenburg: Wedding Photos at Chateau Sint Gerlach


Wedding photography at Chateau St. Gerlach, an intimate Christmas wedding

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to capture my final wedding of the year. We were fortunate that this took place just before the new lockdown. It was a small and intimate wedding of a deeply in love couple. They booked me over the phone, so we met for the first time on Saturday, their wedding day.

The bride was glowing with happiness. She was pregnant, and you could slowly begin to see it. I started this wedding photoshoot by capturing the first look in the bridal suite. The bride descended the stairs, and the groom awaited her at the bottom, accompanied by her bridal bouquet.

Following that, we took some group photos in front of the hotel entrance. We continued the wedding coverage with a photoshoot of the couple in the rose garden and by the bridge leading to the orchard. I also captured some photos in a Christmas atmosphere on the bistro terrace.

Around 4 PM, it was time for the wedding ceremony. It was small but incredibly atmospheric with many personal stories and delightful music. There was a lot of laughter, but also tears, which always makes it interesting for me as a wedding photographer because I love capturing spontaneous emotions.

The officiant this time was Gaby Lendi, and she crafted a heartfelt ceremony full of lovely moments. At the end of the ceremony, we quickly took a beautiful photo just before it got dark. After that, I bid farewell to this lovely couple, and they headed to dinner with the rest of their wedding guests.

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Wedding Photographer Valkenburg: Wedding Photos at Chateau Sint Gerlach