Wedding Photographer Schinvelderhoeve: An intimate wedding in an autumn atmosphere


Wedding Photography in South Limburg: A Fall-themed Wedding at Schinvelderhoeve

Finally, there are weddings happening again, and as a wedding photographer, that brings me joy. This delightful and relaxed wedding took place on a Wednesday afternoon in a small gathering at Schinvelderhoeve.

They had booked me for their wedding photos some time ago, and fortunately, this wedding didn't need to be postponed. Around half-past three, I arrived in a bit of a rush (just back from my temporary office job and straight to the wedding). The wedding car had just stopped, and I still needed to park while wanting to capture the arrival. Thankfully, they waited for a moment, and everything went smoothly. From that moment on, I was completely in my element, capturing all the beautiful details and carefully crafted decorations.

Everyone chatted merrily, and people seemed visibly happy to finally be together in a festive atmosphere again. Soon, it was time for the wedding ceremony, which took place outside behind the farmhouse. The bride and groom entered together, while the flower children enthusiastically scattered rose petals. There was live music during the ceremony, featuring vocals accompanied by an accordion.

After the ceremony, there was cake, a toast, a play area for the children, and we took some group photos. Following that, I accompanied the bride and groom to the forest around the farmhouse to capture the romantic wedding reportage of the couple together. Time flew by, and soon it was time to sit at the table. In a beautifully decorated space, the wedding dinner took place. Then, it was time to bid farewell.

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Wedding Photographer Schinvelderhoeve: An intimate wedding in an autumn atmosphere