Wedding Photographer Maastricht: A wonderful second wedding at Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt


Wedding photographer at a super lovely second wedding at Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt in Maastricht

I love second weddings. I find them so enjoyable and unique. It's so much fun to capture them. The stories are beautiful, the friendships are long-lasting, and so are the tales of how the couple met.

The story of this couple These people had known each other for 40 years. They had been friends for a very long time. A witness had even attended the bride's first wedding. And after many years, the spark ignited between these two individuals. Both already have adult children and grandchildren. It turned out to be a very pleasant day. Getting dressed in one of the rooms at Vaeshartelt was wonderfully relaxed. Friends quickly ironed the wedding dress. The bride had her makeup done and was given a beautiful bridal hairstyle, with romantic tunes from her playlist playing in the background.

Getting married in the secret garden Afterwards, there was a wedding ceremony in Vaeshartelt's secret garden, with their sweet dog (Sjinkie) included. I had been keeping an eye on him the whole time. Beautifully adorned with a flower wreath around his neck, yet still holding his tennis ball in his mouth, he obediently lay between the son's legs. But yes... a dog is just like a two-year-old. While the officiant told her story, he suddenly had something to say about it. With a loud bark, he made this known, and he couldn't be silenced. A walk and playtime in the secret garden were in order. Sjinkie had had enough of lying down and listening obediently. While the couple unsuspectingly enjoyed the ceremony, Sjinkie suddenly came running back into the ceremony out of nowhere, jumped on the train of the beautifully spread-out wedding dress of the bride, and then went on to the groom, throwing the wet grass-covered tennis ball between his legs. I had to inwardly laugh at how everyone dealt with this so casually. The ball was thrown, and the ceremony continued.

The lost wedding ring that was found again... sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it? After saying 'I do,' a traditional toast was made, and the wedding cake was cut. During the reception, I thought about taking a beautiful close-up of the wedding rings. For 13 years, I have been placing rings in the most challenging places. It always goes well, resulting in beautiful close-ups. But on this wedding day... I wanted to place the rings in a flower, when I was startled because I pricked myself on a thorn of the flower... the bush moved, and the groom's ring disappeared into a flower bed! Of course, I didn't want to bother anyone with this and diligently searched for the wedding ring. Eventually, I found it with the help of a kind witness. This was a suspenseful moment, which we later laughed about, as it apparently looked quite funny as I bent over, searching the entire flower bed.

Same-day edit of the wedding reportage during the wedding dinner During the delightful wedding dinner, I edited photos for a projector. During the evening reception, I received many compliments for my photo series, which I found super enjoyable. After the first dance, it was time to say goodbye, and the wedding celebration was in full swing.


Onze eerste kennismaking voelde meteen goed, Shirley wist meteen wat wij graag wilden. Alle voorbereiding liep prima en via haar vonden we ook een heel fijn adres voor onze bruidstaart. Op de dag zelf was Shirley aanwezig en toch ook eigenlijk niet, ze mengde zich prima in het gezelschap. De foto's zijn prachtig geworden en mooie momenten vast gelegd. Als we naar de foto's kijken komt het fijne gevoel van onze trouwdag meteen weer naar boven. Wij zijn heel erg tevreden over Shirley en bevelen haar ook graag aan.

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Conchita Hamann
Wat een prachtige foto’s! Wat een mooi stal zijn jullie. Marijke wat een prachtige trouwjurk
Wedding Photographer Maastricht: A wonderful second wedding at Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt