Wedding photos for a rustic wedding at Gillishof Slowlife Holiday in Bocholtz


Spontaneous wedding photography in Limburg: An international wedding at Gillishof in Bocholtz

This bridal couple lives in the Randstad, but came to South Limburg to get married. They made it a whole weekend affair, with family and friends. They chose the super cozy and hospitable Gillishof in Bocholtz as the venue.

In the spring, the bride and groom, together with their best man, came to me for a meeting. The groom is Australian, so it became a fantastic international wedding. A very cozy and relaxed wedding day, which perfectly suits my journalistic style of photography. I arrived around half past 11 in the morning to capture the bride's preparations in one of the holiday apartments. The bride had her hair done while she would apply her makeup herself. In the meantime, friends and family were sitting comfortably together in the courtyard.

In between, I went to the groom to take photos of him getting dressed. Then back to the bride to get dressed and meet her father, who was almost in tears. Soon after, it was time for a beautiful wedding ceremony with live music by the groom's guitar teacher. There was a lot of laughter, but also tears, which provided wonderful moments for the wedding photos. Especially when the groom wanted to get the ring for his bride and it turned out that there were six boxes around the wedding rings.

After the outdoor ceremony, it was time to cut the wedding cake with nieces and nephews and toast. Then everyone chatted away and music was played while small snacks were served.

After a fun wedding photoshoot in the meadow and in the hammocks, the bridal couple spent some time with the children on the bouncy castle. By now it was time for a super cozy wedding dinner in the courtyard of the farmstead. During the dinner, there were speeches from the groom and the parents. While eating, I worked on a photo presentation that I would show on the projector during the evening party.

Around half past 8, the children's disco started in the hall and then seamlessly transitioned into the evening party, with a beautiful opening dance by the bridal couple.


"Wij hadden het voorrecht van Sjurlie als partner in ons trouwfeest juli 2019. Kan niet enthousiaster zijn over de ervaring! Ze is een absolute professional die veel meer levert dan we hadden verwacht. Bovendien, en niet minder belangrijk, is ze briljant om mee te werken en maakte het een absoluut mooie ervaring. Ga niet twijfelen." 

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Wedding photos for a rustic wedding at Gillishof Slowlife Holiday in Bocholtz