Wedding photographer at Daelenbroeck Castle in Herten


Wedding Photographer North Limburg: Wedding photos at Daelenbroeck Castle in Herten

It was a special wedding photoshoot that I had on Friday, July 16th, at Daelenbroeck Castle. Parts of Limburg were partially submerged, and my journey from Brunssum to Herten took more than an hour. There was a delay due to military personnel placing sandbags along the water, and then I could barely reach the castle.

Due to the measures surrounding Corona, this couple had already postponed their wedding once. So, this was their second chance, a small and intimate wedding in a small room. Around the castle, everything was already flooded. The distinctive white bridge to the reception hall at the front was underwater. From my hotel room, I could see through the window how the water around the castle continued to rise. Staff lifted large sandbags from a truck. That's how this wedding reportage began.

A nervous bride waited in her hotel room for her mother, who would bring the beautiful wedding dress. Then everything happened quickly. A group of friends awaited the couple with heart-shaped balloons. A first look, then with the smaller group to the wedding ceremony. After the vows, there were congratulations, and the cake was cut.

While we walked around the castle looking for locations for the wedding photoshoot, we received the news that dinner would not take place at the castle but at their other venue, the Boshut. The water continued to rise, and it was no longer safe to stay here. So we headed to the Boshut, and I took a final photo of the couple before bidding farewell on this special wedding day.


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Wedding photographer at Daelenbroeck Castle in Herten