Wedding photos Limburg: Fairytale wedding at Castle Terworm and Hotel Van der Valk Heerlen


Photographer Wedding Limburg: Fairytale Wedding at Castle Terworm and Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen

A month before the wedding of this lovely couple, they came by on the recommendation of a good friend. This good friend also happened to be their officiant during their very special wedding day.

I started my wedding reportage, as always, with the bride's preparations, in this case, at her hairdresser in Hoensbroek. Afterward, we drove to her house in Voerendaal, where she and two friends were getting dressed. The schedule was perfectly organized, and after a walk with the dog in the park, I headed to Beek to the barbershop for the groom's preparations.

Once the groom's hair was cut, and his beard was shaved, we headed to Men's Fashion Geilenkirchen, where the groom was dressed in his wedding suit. Then, I quickly got back into my car and drove to Voerendaal, where I captured the moment of ringing the doorbell.

Starting from home, I went to the orangery of Castle Terworm, where the bridal couple was awaited by family and friends. The wish ambulance had ensured that the groom's sick mother could be present on the wedding day. Upon arrival, there was singing by Gabriella Massa, who surprised the groom by singing "Mag ik dan bij jou."

After a beautiful and emotional wedding ceremony, we walked towards Castle Terworm for the wedding cake and toast. While it was pouring rain outside, everyone enjoyed a cozy time indoors. When the weather cleared up, I went on a photo session with the newlyweds.

Then, all the guests gathered on the steps of Van der Valk Hotel, waiting for the bridal couple, and the evening festivities began. Around ten o'clock, the celebration came to an end, and the newlyweds were bid farewell as they started their honeymoon to Tuscany.

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Wedding photos Limburg: Fairytale wedding at Castle Terworm and Hotel Van der Valk Heerlen