Wedding Photographer Beach Club Degreez: Ibiza Wedding on the Water


Wedding Photographer in Middle Limburg: Stunning Wedding in Ibiza Style at Beachclub Degreez

It felt as if I was working for good friends, that's how comfortable I felt on this wedding day. A day that started very relaxed with the bride's hair being done by a close friend in the beautiful house of the bride's daughter. Not a single detail was forgotten; two wedding dresses, two pairs of wedding shoes, beautiful decorations—everything just fell into place! While busy working on the beach bridal hairstyle, there was also plenty of time for chatting and enjoying a casual smoke together. After a while, the doorbell rang, and the mother of the bride arrived. She, too, was beautifully made up.

Then it was time to head to the beach club, where the bride would "hide" upstairs until the groom had welcomed all the guests and everyone had walked to the ceremony spot on the water. There, he stood at the front, waiting for his bride, who was escorted forward by her son. I managed to capture a beautiful tear in his eye as she walked towards him. During a lovely ceremony with lots of humor but also much emotion (especially from the groom), vows were exchanged, and signatures were put down.

Following that, there was a toast, congratulations, and a delightful wedding cake. The day transitioned into a relaxed period of socializing, group photos taken on the beach, and subsequently, a wonderfully informal bridal photoshoot barefoot, around the water. The barbecue was slowly lit, and everyone went to the buffet for some food. While eating, I worked on my laptop to edit a nice series of photos that received much praise during the evening festivities. Many people came to compliment me on my work, and that's something that always makes me very happy.

Soon it was time for the first dance, and people danced and socialized outdoors. At half past ten, I bid farewell, and my wedding coverage came to an end. A delightful day of 12 hours of work that had flown by.


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Wedding Photographer Beach Club Degreez: Ibiza Wedding on the Water