Wedding Photoshoot Brunssum: Summer Wedding in the Backyard


Getting married outdoors in Limburg: Wedding photography in Brunssum: A summer wedding in the backyard

I've known this bride for a long time, back when I used to do step aerobics at Theo Hoen's. That's how I ended up being their wedding photographer. On a windy Saturday afternoon, I drove to their home, just 5 minutes away from where I live.

They were busy perfecting the styling of their beautiful garden, where the outdoor ceremony would take place. It was warm, and there were many clouds in the sky, but fortunately, it stayed dry all day.

I started capturing wedding photos of the bride and groom getting ready, as they dressed up together at home. Subsequently, the guests started trickling in, and it was time for the groom to mingle with the guests while the bride waited upstairs until her father brought her down the stairs to give her away.

During a beautiful ceremony with friends and family, this lovely couple, after being together for 20 years, exchanged vows in the backyard. After the ceremony, there was a toast and a stunningly delicious wedding cake.

Then, the celebration continued with drinks in the backyard. In the meantime, I took some group photos under a beautiful tree, and at sunset, in between the BBQ courses, we had a brief wedding photoshoot in Emma Park. At 8:00 PM, I bid farewell to the newlyweds, and on Tuesday evening, we met again at C-mine in Genk for part 2 of the wedding photoshoot.

This wedding photoshoot took place partly outdoors in the C-Mine labyrinth and partly indoors, including in the exhibition space.

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Wedding Photoshoot Brunssum: Summer Wedding in the Backyard