Wedding photographer Limburg: Getting married at the town hall of Geleen


Wedding photographer Geleen: A marriage at the town hall of Geleen with a photoshoot in the city park of Sittard

These lovely people booked me over the phone in December 2020. They planned to get married on Monday, February 1, 2021 - a courageous decision.

We met on a rainy Monday afternoon in front of the town hall of Geleen. With a small group, all wearing matching face masks with the inscription "Mr. and Mrs."

They radiated no less. After a short wait, the marriage officer came to fetch them. All guests took their seats, and the bride's father played the guitar. The bridal couple entered, and the wedding ceremony began. A beautiful, personal ceremony that told the story of how they met, how the spark immediately ignited, how the proposal took place, and what they had experienced together in recent times. A beautiful story that concluded with a pregnancy and a marriage.

After the lovely personal vows of the bridal couple, it was time for the "I do" followed by the exchange of wedding rings, brought by grandpa. Grandpa also gave a beautiful speech. After the ring exchange and the kiss, it was time for a poem by the marriage officer, musically accompanied by the father of the bride on his guitar.

After the wedding ceremony, there was a small toast and cupcakes, and the bridal couple was congratulated. Subsequently, we headed to the city park in Sittard together to capture some romantic wedding photos of the newlyweds. It had been drizzling the entire afternoon, but this delightful couple didn't mind at all, so we took another 20 minutes for a brief wedding photoshoot.

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Wedding photographer Limburg: Getting married at the town hall of Geleen