Wedding Photography Limburg: Wedding in Celtic Atmosphere at Nonke Buusjke in Schinveld


Spontaneous wedding photos were taken in the natural surroundings of Nonke Buusjke, an old half-timbered house in the Schinveldse forests

It had been much too long since I had made a wedding reportage. Last year, despite all the measures, there were still 17, but this year fewer weddings were added and more were postponed to the next year.

The wedding of this lovely couple with their two adorable sons was also postponed by a year, from 2020 to 2021. So, I was super happy to hear that everything would go ahead this time.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I arrived at Nonke Buusjke, where the bride was getting ready, and the children were playing happily. When the bridal makeup was exactly to the bride's liking, we started the wedding photo shoot around the cottages. There was a beautiful herb garden and photogenic lupines, as well as beautiful poppies and cornflowers.

Meanwhile, the ceremony location was beautifully decorated for the "handfasting" ceremony. We walked along the forest path and back to the courtyard to incorporate the beautiful old atmosphere as much as possible into the romantic photos.

Slowly, the family arrived, and it was time for everyone to take their seats for the special wedding ceremony under the old apple tree. The wedding ceremony began with a short traditional marriage, and then the unique ceremony started by forming a circle through invoking the gods from all directions. We (the photographer and camerawoman) were not allowed to enter the circle afterwards. From a table behind the apple tree, we captured many special moments. Eventually, we were also invited into the circle when the whole family was connected.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds jumped over a witch's broom and walked to the courtyard where homemade Limburgian vlaaien (pies) were cut. After chatting and playing games with the children, it was time for some group photos. This wedding reportage concluded for me when the barbecue was lit.

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Wedding Photography Limburg: Wedding in Celtic Atmosphere at Nonke Buusjke in Schinveld