Couples can get married outdoors in Limburg – at the pond of Overste Hof Landgraaf


Wedding Photography Landgraaf: Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venue in Limburg

The wedding venue Overste Hof in Landgraaf is constantly evolving. Recently, a beautiful gazebo was installed by the pond, allowing you to have an outdoor wedding by the water with your loved one.

Recently, as a wedding photographer, I had the opportunity to capture some images of an outdoor wedding to showcase the possibilities of getting married outdoors to potential couples.

The entire family and friends were eagerly awaiting the bridal couple, who walked along the path by the pond. What a beautiful entrance.

As a wedding photographer, I always find it fantastic when couples choose to get married outdoors. This stunning location in nature by the water is truly recommended and a gem in the Parkstad region.

If you are planning to get married and are still looking for a beautiful wedding venue, be sure to check out Overste Hof in Landgraaf. You can also have an indoor wedding in the courtyard, and you can exclusively rent the entire wedding venue, including the hotel with a bridal suite, for your wedding day. This way, everyone can stay together and no one has to drive home.

Outdoor weddings are a new trend, and let's be honest, who doesn't prefer being outdoors? This wedding took place on April 20, and the weather was already wonderfully mild and sunny. So, you can have an outdoor wedding from April to October.

By the way, I was not the main photographer at this wedding. I only took some atmospheric images in consultation for the promotion of the location."

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Couples can get married outdoors in Limburg – at the pond of Overste Hof Landgraaf