Wedding Photographer Lanaken: At La Butte Aux Bois and Thiessen Wijnkoopers


Wedding photographer Maastricht and Lanaken: Immerse yourself in pure luxury and plan a glamorous autumn wedding: Tips and Inspiration

In autumn, we celebrate abundance and harvest festivals, bathing in soft light. It's time for luxury and splendor with an explosion of colors and scents. Create a chic autumn wedding with fine fabrics, bold textures, exquisite food, and warm candlelight. The era of festival weddings is over; now, we opt for stylish and glamorous. Let this wedding report inspire you, and follow my tips for a luxurious autumn wedding.

An autumn wedding thrives on luxurious fabrics. One of the first "Do's" is to embrace lush fabrics and refined textures. Draw inspiration from this beautiful Russian bride and her designer wedding dress. Combine long sleeves with a surprisingly deep back neckline and customize the outfit to your liking with striking stiletto ankle boots. Oh yes, a sexy side slit is always photogenic. For the groom, dark colors and a tailored suit made of fine wool, such as merino or cashmere. Bridesmaids? Crown them with a chic faux fur hat instead of a flower wreath. How sweet is that! 'Don't': Shivering is never charming. Choose comfort and elegance.

Stylish wedding ceremony in the historic vaults of Thiessen Wijnkoopers. This couple exchanged vows on 11/11 in the historic building of Thiessen Wijnkoopers in Maastricht. This leaves only the option of an indoor ceremony. But even if you're hoping for a warm Indian Summer in September or October, choose an indoor venue with a beautiful terrace or garden where you can toast outside. At Thiessen Wijnkoopers, after the ceremony, you can enjoy the last rays of sunshine in the urban vineyard while toasting to eternal love with a glass of champagne. (More about the urban vineyard) 'Do's': an indoor ceremony with the option to toast outdoors.

Unpredictable and incredibly magical autumn light. Since the sun is relatively low in the sky for much of the day, its rays provide a soft and warm light that acts as a natural filter. 'Don't': Don't start too early because mornings are often cool, damp, and cloudy. Start your day calmly and enjoy. 'Do's': Plan group photos and the love-shooting when it's still bright outside.

Heavenly dinner at the 5-star estate La Butte Aux Bois. Stars are the lifeblood of this picturesque estate. Indoors, you'll encounter remarkable treasures everywhere, from prehistoric skeletons and rare crystals to fiery jewelry, nestled among warm wood and floral scents. This is the realm of jewelry designer Jochen Leën, who, like the chef, is a true star; the chef even has two Michelin stars. More extravagant? Hold your breath because among the meteorites in the lunar landscape, it becomes heavenly. 'Do's: Pluck the stars, and then you'll shine together, just like this radiant couple.

This blog post is part of the series "Shirley Reveals a Secret." I've written these blogs for you as entertaining reads full of tips and ideas for your big day, especially about where and how you can get married. Click here for tips on a vineyard wedding, garden weddings, in a meadow, or the color scheme for your big day.

Shirley heeft onze bruiloft geweldig vastgelegd! Zij maakt prachtige foto’s met een persoonlijke tint en heeft oog voor detail. Allerleukste momenten heeft zij goed te pakken en wel op een zeer onopvallende manier. Shirley luistert goed naar je en denkt graag mee. Tijdens het hele proces blijft zij betrokken en geeft goed advies waarbij zij je wensen niet uit het oog verliest. In ons geval heeft het tot een top resultaat geleid, vanaf elke foto afzonderlijk tot de gehele reportage vervat in een schitterend album! Echt een aanrader! Groetjes, Maryna & Rob


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Wedding Photographer Lanaken: At La Butte Aux Bois and Thiessen Wijnkoopers