Wedding photographer in Kerkrade at the Town Hall and Brasserie Nieuw Ehrenstein


Wedding photographer in Limburg at wedding venue Nieuw Ehrenstein in Kerkrade

My first wedding assignment of the year and quite last-minute booked, I believe about a week and a half before the wedding day, and at the last moment, it was uncertain whether it could even take place because the whole family had the flu.

But... everything worked out, and on a beautifully sunny Friday morning, I drove to Eygelshoven to photograph the preparations: in this case, the dressing of the groom and his son at his parents' home, just a short walk from their own house. The bride got dressed at her parents' house, and due to her father's illness, they decided that I wouldn't take any shots there. However, I did take some photos of her dress, shoes, and jewelry. Dressing the groom at his parents' home was nonetheless just as enjoyable, as he and his father struggled a bit with tying the tie.

When father and son were ready, they were picked up by his godfather in a classic car to go to the bride. Traditionally, they rang the doorbell to pick up the bride. From there, the party headed to the market in Kerkrade, where the wedding was officiated by registrar Lucie in the town hall.

It was a beautiful ceremony with a small group, and after the ceremony, we all drove to the wedding venue Brasserie Nieuw Ehrenstein for the champagne toast and the wedding cake. The bottle was spectacularly sabered by the groom. Afterwards, everyone gathered indoors for coffee and cake. I captured some atmosphere shots, and then we did a small wedding photoshoot around the farm.

To conclude, I took some group photos in the courtyard, and then it was time to say goodbye as the party continued with the wedding dinner.

"Wij zijn op heel korte termijn getrouwd en Sjurlie heeft snel tijd voor ons vrij weten te maken. Het was dan wel buiten het trouwseizoen, maar toch kortdag. Het contact was prettig en snel, uitleg duidelijk, ze dacht in alles mee en was flexibel tot op de laatste dag door omstandigheden aan onze kant. Ons heeft dit veel rust en vertrouwen gegeven dat het allemaal goed zou lopen. Ze had een fijne balans van betrokkenheid en onzichtbaarheid op onze dag en heeft ons mooie foto’s van de belangrijke momenten en een prachtig album bezorgd."

(gepubliceerd op de website van The Perfect Wedding)

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Wedding photographer in Kerkrade at the Town Hall and Brasserie Nieuw Ehrenstein