Wedding Photography Mechelen: Festival Wedding at Holiday Villa De Prachtvink in the Hilly Landscape


Wedding Photographer Mechelen: A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding at De Prachtvink

Delayed twice, but finally, on Saturday, June 18th, it happened: a fantastic festival wedding on the grounds of holiday villa De Prachtvink in Mechelen. I started traditionally by capturing the makeup, hair, and dressing of the bride. From there, it transitioned into a first look, where the bride descended the stairs, and her groom, with their children, stood at the bottom. A fantastic moment, filled with tears. Following this, there was an honor guard of guests outside to welcome the couple.

The week before, we had some contact, during which I briefly explained to the couple the importance of the proper arrangement of chairs for themselves and the guests during the wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place outside on this scorching day, but fortunately, everything fit perfectly under a beautiful tree, providing shade for everyone. Friends on the piano and a friend singing provided live music during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the cork popped unexpectedly, leading to a time for cake, congratulations, and gifts. Subsequently, we created a small wedding reportage of the couple in the nearby surroundings of De Prachtvink, seeking some welcomed shade. From the couple's photoshoot, it seamlessly transitioned into well-directed group photos, and soon it was time for a delightful Italian dinner under the stretch tent, with the groom's sister delivering a speech. During dinner, I stood by for photo moments while simultaneously selecting a few moments on my laptop for editing and display on a screen during the evening celebration. This garnered immediate compliments.

After grabbing a bite myself, we took a few more photos at sunset, and then I captured the entrance of the evening guests. As the evening was expected to proceed calmly with no opening dance, I bid farewell to the couple around nine o'clock.


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Wedding Photography Mechelen: Festival Wedding at Holiday Villa De Prachtvink in the Hilly Landscape