Wedding Photographer Lanaken | Wedding Inspiration: Getting Married Among the Stars


Wedding photographer La Butte Aux Bois Lanaken:  Wedding Photos on the Moon

In 'To the Moon and Back,' the TrouWow team takes you on a romantic odyssey, where you experience heaven on earth in the magical realms of La Butte Aux Bois.

Today, I am here with 26 entrepreneurs from the wedding industry to stage a wedding for TrouWow magazine. The wedding theme for this style shoot is old Hollywood glamour against a midnight blue starry sky. Together, we show couples what is possible because when you get married, you are on cloud nine, and you quickly fall back to earth when you realize what awaits you.

First, browse through TrouWow, the magazine of the south that inspires and advises couples.

Wedding report among the stars As I enter La Butte Aux Bois, I immediately feel the calm enveloping me. Everything seems alive. Unique objects made of semi-precious stones, sparkling jewels, and impressive fossils dance uniquely with the muses of design, art, and craftsmanship. I descend the stairs into another world, a reconstructed lunar landscape strewn with meteorites. They seem to whisper: reach for the stars, for everything is possible as long as you keep dreaming.

Love is all you need, but when you legally marry, you really need a marriage officer, witnesses, and a wedding venue. And if you truly want to enjoy the preparations up to the big day, choose a wedding planner. A successful wedding is carried by many hands. It's teamwork, and someone has to lead the way.

With every choice you make, the day becomes more yours, an unforgettable memory that everyone will cherish. The professionals of TrouWow work with their hearts and hands to grant you this day. Their creative input is evident in even the smallest details.

Inspiration for your wedding day They arrive in a brand-new white Ferrari. The pregnant bride glides in her tulle wedding dress next to her stylish groom, exuding real Hollywood glamour in his velvet smoking jacket. Their rose gold wedding rings are inspired by the starry sky, and her makeup enhances her blue eyes, just like the jewelry in her hair – haute couture accessories handmade. The bridal bouquet, flower corsages, wedding cake, and balloon decorations form a harmonious overall picture. During dinner, the caricaturist brings laughter and joy. The stylist has brought the indoor atmosphere to the green wedding ceremony, where artistic bronze ostriches serve as ring bearers. After the vows, warm sounds fill the tent as the singer begins to sing. The mood continues in the banquet hall, where the DJ with light installation awaits us. To end the day, everyone enthusiastically participates in the costume party for the photobooth. The videographer was busy all day creating a wedding film.

What a day! Shirley, in her characteristic way, captured the emotions and authentic moments of this wedding in this unique wedding report. On behalf of Shirley, I want to thank all professionals for their creativity, dedication, and effort.

And I invite all future couples to get the latest TrouWow magazine as soon as possible.

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Wedding Photographer Lanaken | Wedding Inspiration: Getting Married Among the Stars