Wedding Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous After-Wedding Shoot in Landgraaf


Wedding Photographer Limburg: Romantic After-Wedding Shoot in the Field

On a beautiful Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to create a family portrait of 24 people. Subsequently, I was contacted to inquire if I would be interested in capturing a wedding reportage.

The bride and her husband were visiting relatives in the Netherlands and had previously gotten married in the United States. However, they hadn't had the chance to capture genuine wedding photos. Therefore, on this fresh and windy Friday evening, they put on their wedding attire to join me and her sister in taking wedding photos in the surroundings of her parental home.

We commenced the wedding reportage with a series of walking photos, and soon, we came across a field of mown wheat, providing a beautiful backdrop for some romantic wedding shots. For the bride, who wore her beautiful lace wedding dress for the first time that day, it was a bit chilly. However, we addressed this by occasionally throwing on a jacket.

The sister assisted in draping the bridal gown and tossing the bridal veil. She also helped transport my camera trolley, allowing me to capture spontaneous moments as we walked.

We concluded with some posed wedding photos in a small wooded area, where I personally crafted a hand-picked bridal bouquet from flowers growing along the roadside.

As a final touch, the couple wanted a few photos in front of the parental home. By now, an hour had passed, we had ample photos, and it was time to head home to warm up after the photoshoot.

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Wedding Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous After-Wedding Shoot in Landgraaf