Wedding photographer at top wedding venue Castle Hoogenweerth in Maastricht


Photographer for wedding in Maastricht at top wedding venue Castle de Hoogenweerth

I know the bride from the stable, back when our horses were still in the same aisle. She knows that I'm a lively person, and you can steal horses with me, but not literally, of course! I photograph the way I live, and that spontaneity was exactly what she and her future husband were looking for in a wedding photographer. It was supposed to be a sunny summer wedding at the luxurious estate Castle de Hoogenweerth. I was booked for the photo reportage and the design of the wedding album.

Just before noon, I arrived in the gigantic bridal suite of the castle. The ladies had settled into the Bride Suite. A room filled with bags, makeup, straighteners, champagne, giggles, primping, and a little nervousness. While the bridesmaids fastened the last buttons of the wedding dress, Mom straightened the lace cape and helped her daughter tie the pointed Prada shoes. I flew through the bathroom to the Groom Suite. Here I found the groom and his groomsmen in their underwear. Very relaxed and casual, they dressed. While his friends laughed, the master of ceremonies helped the groom with his bow tie.

A moment for themselves. In the flower garden, the groom waited for his bride. First looks speak volumes. And the groom was speechless when he saw his almost wife in her wedding dress. As she read her vows, the always-smiling bride couldn't swallow back her tears. Grateful that I could capture this touching memory for her. Meanwhile, the guests and witnesses had taken their seats on the white folding chairs in front of the castle. I looked at the bridesmaids, all dressed the same. Lovely! For a moment, I thought I was photographing an American wedding.

For this trendy couple, no traditional wedding ceremony but a personal ceremony led by a good friend. With the rings freshly on their fingers, the bridal couple descended for cake and a toast at the standing tables next to the Maas River. On this sun-soaked day, this wedding setting looks like the French Riviera. I took the bridal couple to the hotel's pool for a just-the-two-of-us photo shoot. Playfully, their feet dangled in the cool water. A few more action shots from the festive meal, and my day was already over.


In een woord perfect! Van de start tot het eind heeft Shirley de dag perfect weten vast te leggen. Zeer mooie en spontane foto’s. Als we het trouwboek openen gaan we altijd terug naar het moment.

(Geplaatst op de website van the Perfect wedding)

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Wedding photographer at top wedding venue Castle Hoogenweerth in Maastricht