Wedding Photographer Vaals: Outdoor Wedding in South Limburg at Lodge in Vaals


Wedding Photographer Vaals: a stunning outdoor wedding full of emotion at Lodge with a ceremony at the Twee Gezusters in Heerlen

These lovely people had booked a family portrait with me last year. They were so enthusiastic about it that they also booked me for their wedding.

On a beautiful sunny day, I arrived at their home to capture the groom and their son getting ready. The groom was just finishing dusting off their Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet. It was a relaxed atmosphere at home; the dog lay in the basket, observing everything happening around him. Suits were put on, corsages were pinned. It was time for me to head to the bride's getting-ready location. In a splendid house in Heerlen, with an interior straight out of a home decor magazine, everything outside was already beautifully decorated with hearts, balloons, and jute banners. It promised to be something special.

Upon entering, everyone was sitting together at the breakfast table, and I was immediately offered a sandwich. The bride was crafting her own bridal hairstyle. Later, she continued with her bridal makeup in the backyard. It's unique to photograph someone up close while they go about their daily routine.

After the makeup, it was time for the dressing up. I first photographed the gorgeous wedding dress by the window, like a still life, and then she got dressed with the help of her mother-in-law. The dress was on quickly, and after putting on the jewelry, the moment had arrived for her future husband to ring the doorbell, and they would leave together for Twee Gezusters, where they would exchange their vows in the chapel. What I found particularly special was that their son gave her away.

After a beautiful, emotional ceremony, we headed towards Epen, where we would take romantic wedding photos in the fields near the Smidse and the Volmolen. A beautiful backdrop for wedding photos, with blooming fields full of flowers. Paired with the Bohemian wedding dress, it felt like we were abroad.

And on we went... to the reception venue. The ground floor of Lodge in Vaals had been transformed into both an indoor and outdoor location for the wedding celebration. Lanterns adorned the garden, and there was a beautiful sweet table. Tables were set for the barbecue later in the day. Everyone stood and sat together, chatting and enjoying the view. Children played with the shuffleboard. It was truly an intimate and cozy wedding.

The bridal couple arrived, and everyone was ready. Their son gave a speech, there was a toast, the cake was cut, and the party began. Gifts were exchanged, lively conversations took place, I captured some spontaneous moments, and, upon request, a few group photos. After briefly documenting the start of the barbecue, I bid farewell.

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Wedding Photographer Vaals: Outdoor Wedding in South Limburg at Lodge in Vaals