Wedding photos in Maasmechelen at Ter Land Beach


Wedding Photographer Maasmechelen: Spontaneous wedding photos from a garden wedding with a church ceremony and a wedding photoshoot at Terland Beach

It's been a while since I wrote a blog myself. I have a good friend who writes them for me these days, and she can do it much better than I can. However, for this wedding, I was on my own. It was a scorching hot Saturday when, following the groom's instructions, I parked my car somewhere along a main road and then walked into the center using Google Maps. They live at the market, and there was a market that day, so I had to walk a bit.

Getting ready at home in Maasmechelen

Upon arriving at the bride's place, where she was getting ready, everything was super relaxed. The groom, the dog, and friends were all around, chatting away, and the baby (they had since had a child after postponing the wedding twice) was peacefully lying in the playpen. I started with some makeup photos, but that was quickly done. The bride is a very natural type who uses or needs very little makeup. So, I went upstairs where the groom was putting on his suit, accompanied by their beautiful Border Collie, who you'll see a lot in this story.

A first meeting during an engagement shoot with the dog in the forest

By the way, they booked me a long time ago. They had already met me during a photoshoot with their dog in the forest. After that, they also wanted me as their wedding photographer. During a video call, I saw the photos I had taken in the forest hanging on their wall, which was very nice to see.

A grand garden wedding in the garden of her parents in Maasmechelen

From the groom getting dressed to the bride getting ready, and then through the backyard to the gate of her parents' house, where the garden party took place. Parasols and a very large tent for dinner and the celebration were set up to protect everyone from the sun. After the couple's first look, it was soon time to go to the church, which was also located at the market. After the church ceremony, the entire party walked to the bride's parents' house, where they enjoyed drinks in the garden, in the shade, of course.

Wedding photoshoot with the dog, naturally at a lake in Maasmechelen, and wedding photos at sunset at Terland Beach

In the afternoon, we had a brief photoshoot with the dog at a small lake, and after dinner, we headed to Terland Beach for sunset, where I took some romantic wedding photos of the couple on the wooden pier and on one of the Ibiza-style beach beds. We had a lot of fun together, and the reactions from the beachgoers were also fantastic.

Then back to the party, where it was time for dessert and a beautiful first dance. Subsequently, the dance floor filled up, and as a conclusion, I captured the festive atmosphere.



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Wedding photos in Maasmechelen at Ter Land Beach