Wedding Photography Maastricht: Wedding in Royal Colors at Castle de Hoogenweerth


Wedding photographer Hoogenweerth castle Maastricht: a summer wedding at a Limburg castle?

Choose the color palette that suits you. Green oak leaves as a symbol of everlasting love, white flowers and ribbons for the purity of the couple, and acorns for abundance and a fruitful marriage. You couldn't wish for more fitting symbolism in the bridal wreath. In this blog post, I'll give you tips on how a well-chosen color palette can add strength to the beautiful moments of your day. And this is reflected in the wedding reportage.

A coordinated color palette for the most beautiful photos. This wedding reportage looks like a styled shoot. The bride and groom have meticulously planned this day with a keen eye for detail. Attention to detail is certainly not the same as attention to many details because 'less is more'. The color palette of white and blue shades is not only reflected in the bridal attire. Bouquet, flowers, guests' clothing, bridal cake and cupcakes, table decoration, and even the venue fit the blue theme. Castle de Hoogenweerth is surrounded by water and, together with the lush foliage in the garden, forms the perfect wedding backdrop for this summer wedding.

Colors that bring peace to your most beautiful day. If your wedding is carefully styled, the day exudes a certain calmness. Styling should not distract or overshadow. The right colors reinforce what it's really about. And that is, of course, the emotional experience of your wedding day. Every bride and groom has a unique smile, a personal nervous trait, and looks in a typical way when they feel a lump in their throat. Lips are pressed together, eyes blink in one and stare in another to keep the tears at bay. Styling determines how your day looks, and emotions determine how you experience the moment.

Wedding photos where emotions take center stage. And those moments are what we, as wedding photographers, do it for. In a styled shoot, we can perfect everything except genuine emotion. So much feeling and connection at this wedding, the castle and gardens are filled with it. You see it in the wedding reportage. Love is the star of every wedding. That's what you want to see and feel in thirty years when you leaf through the wedding album with your grandchildren. Your father, who may not be there anymore then. In the photo, he boldly wipes away a tear as if there's a speck of dust in his eye. Through a thoughtfully chosen color palette, this small movement has the chance to capture all the attention in the photo.

How to get used to the camera during the wedding reportage? Meanwhile, I have joined several weddings as a second shooter. What also stands out with this newlywed couple is their openness towards Shirley. They are familiar with her documentary approach from the love shoot they booked with her. It clicked immediately – both literally and figuratively – as they were already accustomed to the camera. That is a real asset on such an important day, which is certainly reflected in the photos.

This blog post is part of the series 'Shirley lifts a corner of the veil.' I have written these blogs for you as enjoyable reading filled with tips and ideas for your big day, especially about where and how you can get married. 


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Wedding Photography Maastricht: Wedding in Royal Colors at Castle de Hoogenweerth