Wedding Photographer Overste Hof: A German-Portuguese wedding on a radiant autumn day


Wedding Photography Aachen and Landgraaf: A German-Portuguese wedding at Overste Hof in Landgraaf with a church service in Aachen

On a beautifully warm and sunny autumn day, I began my wedding reportage in Aachen. The bride was getting ready at home by her sister. Together with a close friend, her mother, and her daughter, they dressed up, enjoyed a cozy meal together, and toasted to the start of what promised to be a beautiful and romantic wedding day.

I arrived well in advance, allowing me ample time to capture all the bride's preparations for about 2 hours. Then, I set off in good time for the church at Salvatorsberg in Aachen, but things didn't go quite as expected. The road was closed, and after a few detours, I still managed to arrive on time.

A beautiful small church on a hill, a friendly and relaxed priest, and live singing by Gabriella Massa created a wonderfully photogenic wedding service, during which the couple's daughter was also baptized. After the wedding service, guests were already outside, and we then proceeded together to the wedding venue, Overste Hof in Landgraaf, where the toast took place on the sunny terrace, followed by photographing the cutting of the wedding cake.

Then the day flew by: taking group photos of 100 people, followed by the wedding reportage at sunset, followed by the wedding dinner, the opening dance with live singing, and then an exciting dance party. Around eleven o'clock, I concluded this wedding reportage and bid farewell to this super in-love couple.

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Heidy van Melis
Pakkend!! Goed gedaan ....
Wedding Photographer Overste Hof: A German-Portuguese wedding on a radiant autumn day