Wedding Photography Valkenburg: Spontaneous Wedding Photos at Chateau Sint Gerlach


Wedding Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous Wedding Photos at Chateau Sint Gerlach in Valkenburg aan de Geul

"No, this isn't a second marriage," said the groom when passersby congratulated them. This lovely couple has been together for 39 years and decided to tie the knot on January 31, 2020. As witnesses, their four children were present: 3 sons and a daughter.

The bridal photoshoot began for me in a hotel room where the bride was getting her makeup and hair done. The bride sat comfortably by the window, chatting with the makeup artist. I circled the room and captured a few details such as the wedding shoes and the bridal bouquet.

In between, I visited the groom's room. He was already dressed and headed to the ceremony room to test the music. Back to the bride, who was getting dressed with her daughter. Then came the "first look" (the groom stood behind a large old oak tree, and the bride approached him from her room). After this moment, the champagne was opened, and they toasted with their four children, sharing many laughs. Naturally, I captured several spontaneous photos during this time.

Next, I accompanied the family to the park and took some spontaneous group photos while walking, talking, and standing with a view of the chateau. After that, I continued with the soon-to-be newlyweds and proceeded with the photoshoot at a marl wall and at one of my favorite artworks featuring two metal deer.

Slowly, it was time to head to the conservatory, where the children welcomed the guests, and the wedding ceremony took place. It was led by a friend/business partner, and there were two beautiful speeches from family members and friends.

After exchanging vows and putting on the wedding rings, there was some time for a drink, and then the entire party moved to the dining hall. After capturing some atmospheric photos of the guests at the table, my role as a wedding photographer was completed for that day.

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Wedding Photography Valkenburg: Spontaneous Wedding Photos at Chateau Sint Gerlach