Wedding Photographer Limburg: Double Wedding at Biesenhof Geleen


Wedding Photographer Limburg: A super fun double wedding at Biesenhof in Geleen

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of capturing a very special wedding in Geleen. It was a double celebration, as a father married his girlfriend, and his daughter tied the knot with her partner.

I arrived at the wedding venue, Biesenhof farmhouse and courtyard, at 2 o'clock and checked in at the banquet hall, where everyone was busy decorating in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. Both brides and grooms were getting ready, so I accompanied them to the hotel rooms, starting with capturing the moments of both brides getting dressed. After that, I continued documenting the dressing up of the grooms, with the eldest one receiving a surprise gift from his future wife.

It was then time to take wedding photos of two "first look" moments. Since it was raining, I had the brides come down the stairs, and their soon-to-be husbands waited at the bottom. I quickly moved through the courtyard to the banquet hall to capture the entrance of the bride and groom, followed by the young groom with his mother, and lastly, the youngest bride with the flower children.

The wedding ceremony began, filled with humor and a relaxed atmosphere. The officiant kept engaging the audience with continuous questions, making it quite special. Soon it was time for double vows, double kisses, and the exchange of four wedding rings, including one made of candy because the young groom opted for a candy wedding ring.

Afterwards, we headed to the conservatory for a toast and congratulations, with lots of hugs and warmth. Despite the rain, we quickly took some group portraits under the archway. Due to the ceremony running slightly longer than expected, I had only half an hour left for the wedding photoshoot of the couples, but it didn't matter. Rain or shine, we went outside and captured spontaneous moments on the swing, seesaw, and a stroll with the four of them.

Then it was time to open the dinner buffet. During dinner, I took a break to eat and simultaneously edited a series of photos from the wedding day for a slideshow during the evening party. This is always a rewarding part of my work as a wedding photographer. I truly enjoy seeing people relish the beautiful moments of their wedding day. I was extensively thanked for my work, and after capturing the double opening dance, I bid farewell at ten o'clock while the wedding celebration continued.

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Wedding Photographer Limburg: Double Wedding at Biesenhof Geleen