Wedding photographer at Castle Vaeshartelt in Maastricht: A wedding on Easter Monday


Wedding Photographer Limburg: Wedding Photography at Vaeshartelt Castle: A Wedding on Easter Monday

Not many people choose to get married on Easter, and April is generally not a popular wedding month. I always find it delightful when couples opt for non-traditional wedding days. In this case, it was a Monday afternoon.

After a night out and a cozy day working in the garden, I prepared to capture this wedding. With my hair curled and wearing a new dress, but still sporting comfortable sneakers, I aimed to look the part of a wedding guest.

The groom had already been spotted, but the bride had yet to arrive, which was fortunate because their agreement was to have their first look in the secret garden of the castle. A garden nestled between walls with a beautiful path adorned with fruit trees and fairy lights.

Even though we hadn't met in person (we had connected through a video call), it felt like we knew each other right away. She approached in a long golden dress with a wide pleated skirt, billowing in the wind. He stood facing my direction, eagerly awaiting his bride.

After capturing some photos in the secret garden, it was time to head to the beautiful mirror hall where the marriage would be officiated by Antoinette Stille. Everyone was already seated when I entered.

After a few minutes, the radiant couple entered together, and the ceremony commenced. Following a heartfelt "I do," everyone moved to the round hall below for the cake cutting, toasts, a few speeches, and subsequently, the group photos.

I concluded the day with additional wedding photos inside the castle and in the park. Then, it was time to bid farewell as the newlyweds sat down for the wedding dinner.


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Wedding photographer at Castle Vaeshartelt in Maastricht: A wedding on Easter Monday