Wedding Photographer at Limburgs vineyard: wine estate Sint Martinus in Vijlen


Wedding Photographer Vijlen: Discover how romantic and picturesque a vineyard wedding can be - Tips and inspirations for enjoying a Burgundian celebration

Imagine rows of lush grapevines, rolling hills changing with the seasons, the chirping of crickets, and an evening sun coloring the landscape. No, I don't live like a god in France; I live like a goddess in Limburg. It's still a hidden gem to get married in a vineyard, but as a journalistic photographer who works a bit differently, I'm already a fan. In this blog post, I'll take you to a vineyard wedding and share tips and inspirations for your unforgettable day.

The Romance of a Vineyard Wedding A vineyard wedding offers intimacy in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Be inspired by the photos of this Belgian couple who chose elegance with rustic charm at the St. Martinus vineyard in Vijlen. They wanted to enjoy delicious wines in a personal setting. They wanted to celebrate their wedding day with joy and conviviality with their dearest family and friends. And that feeling radiates from the photos.

Culinary Delight in the Open Air Getting married among the grapevines is the ultimate Burgundian experience. Enjoy the surroundings, the scents, the flavors, and each other with all your senses. Think of cheese platters, a toast with bubbles from local vineyards, and a wine tasting while sitting together for hours. If you choose a vineyard, you opt for outdoor enjoyment. If the weather doesn't cooperate, you can always move indoors with a small group.

Seasonal Weddings Whether you prefer a summer wedding, spring wedding, or autumn wedding, each season has its own charm. As grapevines thrive best on slopes, you can experience the beauty of the surrounding landscape in full. Even the modest terrace suddenly seems infinitely large. No huge banquet hall, but an enormous sense of freedom with breathtaking views.

For Whom is a Vineyard Wedding Perfect Perfect for couples who like it informal, with a touch of elegance and without much fuss. This Belgian couple had a casual-chic dress code for this summer laissez-faire day. You'll feel like you're at a destination wedding, but without the logistical hassle. The Limburg hills have several beautiful vineyards. In addition to St. Martinus and Wijngoed Fromberg, there's Wijnkoopers Thiessen in the heart of Maastricht. Wijnkoopers Thiessen offers a charming blend of urban flair and a small vineyard.

This blog post is part of the series 'Shirley lifts a bit of the veil'. I've written these blogs for you as enjoyable reading full of tips and ideas (need color inspiration?) for your big day, especially about where and how you can get married. Choose something different and go for that charming wedding in your own garden, a windmill, a meadow, or, like this couple, at a vineyard.

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Wedding Photographer at Limburgs vineyard: wine estate Sint Martinus in Vijlen