Wedding photographer Limburg: a romantic gay wedding at Vaalsbroek Castle

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of my former neighbor. Several months ago, he sent me an email informing me that he was getting married to his partner and that they were in search of a wedding photographer in Limburg. That's how they found me, and subsequently visited my home, where we had a delightful conversation that led to them booking me as their wedding photographer....
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Wedding photographer Beirut: journalistic wedding photography

Welcome to my world where every photo tells a story. I am a Dutch wedding photographer, in love with Beirut. In this blogpost I’ll take you on an inspiring journey trough my recent adventure as a Beirut wedding photographer. I’ll share how I had the privilege of photographing this modern love story, creating unconventional images....
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Spontaneous Wedding Photography at Castle Groot Buggenum in Grathem

An American-German bride and a Dutch groom. Two super spontaneous people who happen to meet on a dating app, meet in Venlo, and then spontaneously fall in love! How beautiful is that?...
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Bruidsfotograaf Valkenburg: in het gemeentehuis met een trouwfotoshoot in de tuinen van Chateau St.
Wedding Photographer Castle Elsoo: an intimate September wedding in the Knight's Hall

On relatively short notice, I received a call from this couple asking if I would capture their wedding day. It was a mini wedding reportage lasting 3 hours, starting with the arrival of the couple at Castle Elsloo, followed by the wedding ceremony in the Knight's Hall, some group photos, a romantic photo shoot in the park, and concluding with a lunch at Hotel Van der Valk in Urmond....
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