Luxury wedding album 

A love story requires a storybook 

Your weddingpicturys are the only memory to your wedding day. I put therefore a lot of effort in editing and selecting pictures from my photoshoot and think it's important that these will be saved in a professional wedding album. An Album is something you can take with you to show it to your friends and family, or later to your children or even grandchildren.


You are experiencing your special day over and over again, from the beginning to the end.


My wedding albums are handmade and personalized with a picture or your names on the cover, in a cover color matching to your wedding theme, put up in a modern and timeless design. Echt album is different and therefore unique.

As a professional I know how to choose and combine pictures as the best. Pictures influence each other, which can strengthen or weaken the album. The pages are on a high quality which shows every picture detail. Beautiful, big pictures run seamlessly over on double album pages.

I hear again and again from several couples that they are so happy they chose for a wedding album and that it's much prettier than the concept they saw on their computer.

A wedding album is a time capsule with a picture story of the most beautiful day and can't be replaced by digital pictures, therefore I deliver a wedding album by every wedding shoot.

I take total care of this, to offer you a complete concept album by an online pdf. During the whole designing process, I guide and recommend you to a beautiful result, which can be both creatively and in therms of best story line.

Your wedding album will be delivered at home within one month after your marriage.

"We are so proud of our beautiful wedding album which Shirley delivered to us, something we couldn't made ourselves."



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